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2018 Annual Tour - Bairnsdale
Friday 9th March to Monday 12
th March 2018
(Labour Day Weekend)
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PO Box 3143
Nunawading VIC 3131

Club Meetings
Club meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of each month
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Club Permit Scheme (CPS)
The Club participates in VicRoad's Club Permit Scheme and provides the following guidelines
to assist members with their application to obtain a Club Permit Plate.
The Club has defined the obligations of participating Club members in a Club Bylaws document

An applicant for a club permit must be a financial member of a car club approved by Vicroads for the club permit scheme. The Chrysler Restorers Club of Australia Victoria Inc is an approved organisation.

1. Get a RWC
To obtain a club permit plate with a 45 or 90 day log book, an applicant (ie a financial member) must first obtain a roadworthiness certificate (RWC) for the vehicle from any authorised Vicroads Licenced Inspector. Modified cars seeking entry onto the M-plate system will be required to provide the necessary engineering certifications alongside their roadworthy certificate to be considered. The club does NOT inspect cars or issue roadworthy notices for any CPS applications.

Please allow up to 30 days processing time for membership applications before obtaining RWCs to support a CPS application, in order to avoid the RWC expiring prematurely.

2. Get VicRoads Forms
The application for a club permit plate is submitted on the following Vicroads application form titled " Club Permit Application" and " Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration" available from any Vicroads office, the CPS Permit Team ( or download from the Vicroads website

3. Get Photos
Applicants must also provide six (6) photos of their vehicle, taken within the timeframe of the roadworthy certificate that are dated and clearly display: 1) front of vehicle, 2) rear of vehicle, 3) drivers side of vehicle, 4) driving position (side on with driver's door open), 5) engine bay and 6) VIN/chassis number or engine number. These can be in hard copy or in jpg format via email. 

4. Sign a CRCA Vic Club Permit Declaration
Complete the club permit application AND Vehicle eligibility and standards declaration.
CPS renewals must also be accompanied by a completed CRCA Vic club permit DECLARATION form

5. Arrange Processing by CRCA Vic
The completed application form is to be signed by the Club Permit Officer as evidence that they have sighted the RWC and the applicant is a financial member of the Chrysler Restorers Club of Australia Vic Inc. The Club Permit Officer must stamp the RWC with the club stamp as evidence of sighting the document. Continued financial membership of the club is a legal requirement for the continued use of your permit vehicle which otherwise is regarded as unregistered. The club is also under legal obligation to notify VicRoads when any member with a current CPS becomes unfinancial.

Application forms can be signed at club meetings, monthly outings or mailed to the Club Permit Officer, together with a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
For details of where to send the forms (applications and renewals), please refer to the details provided on the inside front cover of the Club magazine, CHRYCO Reporter.

6. Send Completed Application to VicRoads
The form and RWC is then submitted to Vicroads within 30 days of the date shown on the RWC, together with the required sum of money. You may also apply for Slimline Number Plates. You will be issued with your permit number plates, a windscreen sticker and log book with a capacity of 45 days or 90 days, depending on what you requested. When issued, the member is to advise the Club Permit Officer the permit plate number and the expiry
date shown on the permit.

The log book must be carried in the relevant vehicle at all times.
The log book is to be completed at the start of the day before moving further than 100 metres from the "Vehicle Garaged" address as shown on the log book sticker.
To drive the vehicle without filling out the log book is risking an on the spot fine for driving an unregistered vehicle.